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CO2 Carbon Dioxide Transmitters for Ducts and Cold Spaces | HDK-N HDK Duct CO2 and Temp Transmitter with Display

HDK Duct CO2 and Temp Transmitter with Display

Datasheet (41kB)

The super robust HDK duct transmitters accurately measure the CO2 content and temperature in almost all duct applications. These transmitters are designed for long term performance because they use the ABCLogic™* measurement technology to automatically calibrate the CO2 reading.

Linear 0..10Vdc outputs guarantee hassle free integration to most control systems.. HDK transmitters are available with a built in display (-N models) or without. HDK CO2 transmitters are also designed to accommodate a built-in PI controller option card making them a most convenient and cost effective solution where enhanced ventilation control is needed.

*ABCLogic is a result of over 10 years R&D for the CO2 measurement. ABCLogic measures the background CO2 level and uses an advanced statistic based algorithm to automatically calibrate the transmitter The ABCLogic completely removes the need for on-going, labour intensive calibration.

Power Supply: 24 Vac (15..28V), <1A
24 Vdc (15..36V), <1W
CO2 Measurement Range: 0..2000ppm
Temperature Range: 0..50°C
Accuracy: CO2: +/-40pp +3% of measurement
Outputs: 2 x 0..10Vdc < 2mA
Protection Class: IP54